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Fishing charter in Fuengirola

Sport fishing on the Costa del Sol is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the main tourist attractions available in southern Andalusia. Therefore, at Eventos Náuticos Fuengirola we take care of offering the best excursions and fishing trips with our charter service. In this way, customers will have an à la carte service with which they can be very satisfied after practicing this wonderful recreational activity.

We have special boats for sport fishing and, in addition, thanks to our expert crew members you will be able to discover the best aquatic areas. With all the information at your fingertips, there will be no fish that can resist you. 

What is recreational fishing and what is the difference with sport fishing?

Sport or recreational fishing is called all fishing carried out with the mere intention of having a different time or for competitive reasons. That is to say, all that fishing does not imply a job in itself.

Although it is considered a recreational activity, the truth is that it is advisable to have knowledge and adequate equipment.

Where to practice recreational or sport fishing?

At Eventos Náuticos Fuengirola we are specialists in the modalities of bottom fishing, trolling and deep-sea fishing in the Alboran Sea. The Malagueña coast is considered a fishing paradise due to the variety of species that inhabit this ecosystem, such as anchovies, sardines, whiting, horse mackerel, etc.

All this makes it an ideal area to cast our baits and enjoy a good day of fishing, making this practice in Málaga a delight.

Sport fishing, an activity to share with friends

The fishing charter aboard our boats will make your day a special moment, since you will undoubtedly enjoy it and relax to the fullest.

In addition, it is not a common day-to-day activity, so you will do something totally different and exciting. And best of all, sport fishing can be enjoyed alone, but it is also a good plan to do it with the company of your loved ones.

What are the types of sport fishing that you can practice with us?

At Eventos Náuticos Fuengirola, we practice three of the types of sport fishing most common nowadays. With the waters of the Mediterranean as a setting, we are at your service to adapt to you, your tastes, level and preferred style of fishing.

Remember that we have all the necessary equipment so you can fish calmly while enjoying the sun, the sea and some cold and refreshing drinks.

Trolling fishing by boat

Trolling is a method of sport fishing that is carried out from a moving boat.

It has been widely practiced for a long time and consists of dragging a natural or artificial bait at a certain distance from the boat, attracting large sea creatures. 

If you want to practice this type of fishing, we invite you to contact us.

Deep sea fishing

Deep-sea fishing is a type of sport fishing far from coastal areas. This activity is designed for the most adventurous fishing lovers. If what you are looking for is to find tuna or flying fish, we encourage you to contact us so that we can explain all the details of this type of fishing.

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Bottom fishing in Fuengirola

What is bottom sport fishing?

Bottom fishing is the most common fishing technique that we use at Eventos Náuticos Fuengirola, since it is used to catch fish that are near the bottom of the sea.

This technique may seem like the simplest way to fish. However, this modality needs drifting and anchoring techniques, since the huge predatory fish such as grouper, halibut and red snapper are on the reefs, buoys and wrecks. In this case, the best way to catch them is by bottom fishing.

How should this fishing technique be practiced?

Bottom fishing can be done from a boat and also from land using fishing rods. The main purpose of this technique is to take the bait to the bottom of the sea and present it in a tempting way to the fish so that they are attracted to the hook.

In bottom fishing, the line is guided by a heavy lead sinker and followed by the bait and hook. When the fish bites into the bait, it feels the resistance of the weight hanging below and breaks free, eventually hooking it onto the hook hanging with the bait.

The heavy sinker is used to help pull the bait to the bottom of the sea. The weight of the lead will also keep the hook and bait still despite strong currents and high waves. This will give an acceptable virtue to the fisherman, who will achieve his goal without problems.

At Eventos Náuticos Fuengirola we are specialists in this type of fishing. Our boats have gear, baits, fishing equipment and professional guides in sport fishing. In addition, inside our boats we have fresh drinks and music, with the sole objective of having a fabulous day.

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Book your sport fishing day at Eventos Náuticos Fuengirola

If you want to relax and enjoy fishing, do not hesitate to book our sport fishing service. To do so, you just have to call us at 631 064 639 or fill out our contact form.

Return guarantee

At Eventos Náuticos Fuengirola we have a money-back guarantee. To find out in which cases it applies, do not hesitate to consult the current conditions on our website.

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You will find our crew right in front of the German restaurant Ku’Damm Berlin .


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Our boats have well-defined rest areas, whether sunbathing on the bow, relaxing in the shade or simply enjoying the bathing platform. On the coasts of Fuengirola and Mijas you will surely find the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the impressive views offered from the Alboran Sea.